What happens when children contribute new entries to dictionaries? Cat ears happen, that’s what! Err, but maybe not the kind we were hoping for…

Japanese Twitter user @sand_stingray recently posted an entry from his electronic dictionary, which happens to define a rather unexpected term—nekomimi, otherwise known as “cat ears” in English!

▼ A quick Google search of the term nekomimi results in the following pictures.


Since the term nekomimi typically conjures up images of cute anime-style girls with adorable cat ears, we can imagine the surprise and perhaps shock that @sand_stingray must have felt when he saw the following explanatory illustration for cat ears in his electronic dictionary:

▼ “@sand_stingray: I couldn’t stop laughing in the middle of class”

▼ First picture


Japanese dictionary by everyone!

Cat ears [nekomimi] 

Definition: Human characters who have cat ears on their head. Often used by fans of anime.

Sample sentence: ‘The character with the cat ears is so cute!’

Submitted by: Third-year junior high school student, male, Hokkaido

Diagram → Explanation”

Second picture


“Diagram → Explanation”

Third picture


Whoah there! Not quite the anime-style babe with cat ears that we’re used to seeing. If anything, this lady seems to be in need of either a bit more shut-eye or a personal stylist…

Even better, another Twitter user decided to poke fun at the picture and subsequently designed a New Year’s greeting postcard with the cat-lady front and center:

Would you send this postcard to your nekomimi-loving friends? We think we’ll just stick with the more practical cat-ear headphones, thanks!

Source: Twitter/@sand_stingray
Insert image: Google