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Can’t choose just one picture for your cosplayer card? Now you can have as many as you want with a new app aimed at reinventing the business card!

Cosplayers always want to put their best foot forward, so when they go to events, they often will bring business cards (or meishi) with them to hand out to any interested photographers, fans and other cosplayers. This ensures that people can find their websites filled with all the fabulous photos they’ve taken along with daily musings and scheduled appearances. It also comes in handy when fans are trying to remember who was under that unbelievable costume they just saw.

▼ Peorth from Oh My Goddess!

▼ Kikko Hoshino from Concrete Revolutio

A cool new app is set to revolutionize the humble business card by allowing cosplayers to really stand out. It’s called Clip and it’s a little augmented reality (AR) application that allows the tech savvy cosplayer turn their business card into a mini-photo album.

As you can see, once you scan the QR code into the app, the card becomes a virtual screen that displays movies, pictures and slideshows. You can even embed websites and social media links that users can click on in the app and jump right to them.

The video above demonstrating the app features none other than Nekomu Otogi, whom you might remember for topping the poll of “Most Beautiful Girl, as voted for by Akihabara males”. Here’s her original business card.

meishi 1

And here’s her Clip business card!

▼ Well, that’s pretty nifty.

meishi 2

▼ There are a number of other pictures!

meishi 4

For lots of cosplayers who like to exchange information, this might be the perfect tool, combining the digital with the analog. Check out Clip on the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store and start creating your digital, multimedia business card today.

Source: Kai-You
Featured image: YouTube/Clip
Screenshots: YouTube/Clip