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That way you can skip straight to pounding shots of the shampoo you’ll like best.

You might think that Comiket, Japan’s semiannual festival of independently created otaku-oriented content and merchandise, is all sexy manga and scandalous pillow cases. However, you’ll also find books for sale at the event.

For example, there’s that cosplay cookbook we talked about last. And if you’re looking for something to wash your meal down with? Why not a nice glass of the shampoo used by one of Japan’s top anime voice actresses? And to help you take the guess work out of selecting your beverage, dojin manga circle DCC-JPL has taste-tested them.

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Seiyu Inshanbon (“The Book of Drinking Voice Actresses’ Shampoo”) has compiled data on the shampoo used by no fewer than 30 prominent performers, including Nana Mizuki, Yui Ogura, and Pile. Aside from telling readers the brand name, the book also lists the shampoo’s ingredients, what size of containers it’s sold in, and its market price.

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So far that’s not too strange, at least by obsessive anime vocal performer fan standards (although we can’t help but wonder if the authors sneaked into the actresses’ showers to gather part of the data). It’s also not too surprising that Seiyu Inshanbon evaluates the fragrance of each shampoo on a five-point scale, since pleasant-smelling hair is always nice.

But where things get really weird are the remaining four areas each shampoo is judged on, which are:
mouth feel

In other words, the data isn’t presented as which shampoo you should wash your hair with. Nor is it a guide to which you should buy a bottle of, unscrew the cap of, and then place underneath your bed to provide the illusion that your personal favorite voice actress was recently rolling around in your sheets. Nope, it’s a list to help you choose which shampoo you should pour yourself a glass of.

▼ Yui Ogura’s preferred brand, Soap of Hair 1-Ma, gets three points for mouth feel, two for richness, five for bitterness, two for sourness, and five for aroma, which sounds like maybe it’s the best shampoo to substitute for your cup of morning coffee.

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RocketNews24 would like to remind readers that you really shouldn’t be drinking shampoo, no matter how much you like the look of someone’s hair or how much her voice turns you on. However, if you think that having this book will satisfy your curiosity, and thus remove your temptation to chug a bottle of Pantene in an effort to feel closer to your favorite anime character, Seiyu Inshanbon will be sold at DCC-JPL’s booth in the voice actor area of the upcoming Winter Comiket, which will be held from December 29 to 31 at the Big Sight convention center in Tokyo.

Source: Kinisoku
Images: DCC-JPL (edited by RocketNews24)