Who you gonna call when the hero calls you?

Japanese Twitter user Hashigo (@haxigof) was in for a bit of a surprise when he checked his messages to find a particularly worrisome piece of spam email. He shared a screen capture of the message’s title on his Twitter account, which subsequently proved to be quite popular with the internet masses:

▼ “I got this email which makes me think that the world must be in a dire situation, the likes of which have never before been seen…”

The title of the message reads: “Arnold Schwarzenegger is seeking your help!”

Japanese net users responded with humor to the random yet oddly unsettling junk mail: 


“World War III must be approaching.”

“This means that the Terminator is coming!”

“Schwarzenegger is putting too much faith in the abilities of ordinary citizens.”

“If someone like Schwarzenegger’s life is in danger, there’s probably no one who could save him.”

“Steven Seagal is about the only one who could save him.”

This last reply especially made us laugh:

▼ “You called?”

Spam message or not, we sincerely hope that the earth isn’t facing an impending crisis. We haven’t even gotten to try Ippei-chan’s upcoming line of chocolate-flavored instant noodles yet, after all!

Sources: HamusokuTwitter/@haxigof
Featured image: Twitter/@AE86_JR225kei