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Apparently sliced chocolate was only the beginning.

Following the joyous event of sliced chocolate making chocolate sandwiches possible, Japan has now set its sights on bringing the beloved confectionary to a new dish: noodles.

Ippei-chan Yomise no Yakisoba is one of Japan’s most popular brands of instant noodles, and not just because of its suggestive schoolgirl ads. For years, the busy and lazy alike have looked to Myojo Foods’ Ippei-chan line for a quick, hot meal. Just add water, wait a few minutes, and soon you’ll be enjoying a helping of stir-fried noodles.

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Ippe-chan is so successful that the company offers several different varieties, such as spicey cod roe, mayonnaise, and even pizza-flavored versions. But next month, you’ll be able to buy Chocolate Sauce Ippei-chan Yomise no Yakisoba.

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Hitting store shelves in time to capitalize on the Valentine’s Day chocolate munching frenzy, the unpresented flavor provides a triple helping of chocolate. First, the standard Worcester-like yakisoba sauce has cocoa powder and also café latte flavoring mixed into it. In addition, a sweet chocolate sauce is poured on the noodles, and there’s an included topping package with chocolate chips and cinnamon to sprinkle on them before eating.

It all sounds like a surprisingly sophisticated bit of decadence for instant noodles, not to mention an extremely affordable luxury at just 195 yen (US$1.60). Myojo Foods is promising an “addictively sweet and salty flavor” that makes for a great snack or dessert, and we can’t wait to try these chocolate sauce noodles for ourselves when they go on sale on January 18.

Source: Biglobe News via Jin
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