Arnold Schwarzenegger

Talkin’ Terminator and droppin’ F-bombs with Schwa-chan and Linda-san

P.K. Sanjun sits down with two icons of the Terminator series and incessantly calls the former governor “Schwa-chan.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger plays taiko drums with Terminator: Dark Fate cast at Tokyo premiere

Rev-9 and the T-800 beat drums in traditional happi coats under a giant Godzilla in Japan.

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Japanese man discovers his grandmother’s door plays The Terminator theme song

There’s music all around us-eerily unsettling music.

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Come celebrate the 30th anniversary of Commando’s Japanese TV debut at special screening in Tokyo

You’ve never seen Commando until you’ve seen it surrounded by rabid Japanese fans in costume with firecrackers and tambourines.

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Spam mail suggests an impending world crisis, famous hero seeking your help today!

Who you gonna call when the hero calls you?

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Fox Japan to release ultimate edition of Commando, announced in series of possibly drunken tweets

People look to Japan for many reasons, from the rich heritage of samurai or tea ceremonies to pop culture phenomenons such as anime. But the one thing I truly love about Japan is its people’s taste in film.

Classics such as Die Hard and Robocop are widely accepted as the cinematic gold they are, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest rocket launcher-wielding performance in Commando is getting the royal treatment by 20th Century Fox Japan in honor of the 30th anniversary of its release here. Far from a simple added commentary track, this special release is chock-full of exclusive features befitting a monumental specimen of the art from such as this.

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