Our favourite family of Munchkin cats (and a dog!) do battle with a motorised duelling Yoda in this adorable video!

We’ve featured the madcap exploits of this household full of Munchkin cats before—the first time we met them, they were spotted splashing around in the bath, and more recently they were staring down the new puppy in their midst. This time, they’ve been getting on to the Star Wars hype train by amusing themselves playing with this talking Yoda toy! One of the kitties is even dressed in a Yoda costume! It’s too much cuteness!

Check out the video:

“Feel the force”, Yoda instructs the kitties as he waves his lightsaber (complete with attached feathery cat toy) wildly in the air.

The cats oscillate between fits of excitement over Yoda’s frenetic movements and typical feline disinterest. It’s quite a skill, really.

While Yoda’s movements appear randomised, at certain points in the video it really looks like he’s challenging the kitties to a duel.

Later on, Yoda switches adversaries and attempts to use The Force to overpower this adorable pup.

Hmm, looks like the pup’s more interested in getting its chompers around that tasty-looking stick!

What will this household full of fluffy kitties (and one dog) get up to between now and the next Star Wars movie?

Source: YouTube/Studio Singa
Images: Screenshot via YouTube/Studio Singa