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With so many celebrities and businesses with their own social media accounts, how can you make sure you attract users and get them to follow you? McDonald’s does it by making you see their food in a whole new way.

McDonald’s has been having a hard time in Japan and North America the past few years as sales and customer numbers have been slowly but steadily falling. With so many different options available to the diner, the mega-corporation is trying anything it can in order to entice and keep hold of its patrons.

▼ Batter up!

The Singaporean arm of the McDonald’s empire might have found a way to do just that. Recently, it has been using its Instagram account in a fun and endearing way: posting photos of their food, but accompanying them with playful doodles that make us remember the joy many of us had eating McDonald’s growing up. The whimsical drawings not only present the food in a playful and delicious way, but they help us to forget about any health concerns we might have had eating out at a fast food restaurant. As the saying goes, everything in moderation, right?

▼ How most of us feel after a bit of coffee.




▼ Worship the McChicken!



▼ Reeling in the big taste.


McDonald’s will probably never be a once a day meal for any of us, but these pictures make us want to head back every once in a while to recapture the joy its Instagram shots show—even if it means hitting the gym a little more often to balance it out!

H/T: Design Taxi
Top Image: Instagram/mcdsg (edited by RocketNews24)