Even the world’s biggest sandwich chain is getting in on Japan’s lucky bag retail tradition.

Right off the bat, let’s see what the Subway’s 2,400-yen/US$20.22 lucky bag will get you.

  • Subway original blanket
  • Five-drink voucher booklet
  • Sandwich ticket (“Cold smoked raw ham & Marscapone”)
  • Sandwich ticket (“Shrimp & Avocado”)
  • Sandwich ticket (“Roast Beef”)

First, here’s the Subway original blanket:



While we wouldn’t normally associate a sandwich chain with selling home goods, this fluffy, pale yellow Subway original makes for the perfect lap blanket, perhaps to be used when picnicking on a chilly day. Decorated with pictures of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and other sandwich toppings, it certainly makes for a unique addition to any Subway fan’s collection.

Next, let’s take a look at the various food vouchers:


▼ Five drink vouchers, up to an 800 yen/$6.74 value


▼ Three individual regular (US: six-inch)-sized sandwich tickets




Not bad, especially with the inclusion of the ever-popular shrimp & avocado sandwich.

The only drawback we could find was that the sandwich tickets must be redeemed only at the Subway location where you purchased the lucky bag. Of course, if you’re a regular customer of one specific location, then that shouldn’t be a problem anyway. We’re already looking forward to seeing what’s in next year’s Subway fukubukuro!

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