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Since there’s no spot for the cat in the Chinese zodiac, this Japanese kitty turned to some cute cosplay to get in on the Year of the Monkey fun.

Japan loves cute animals, so whenever January rolls around, it’s a perfect opportunity to shine the spotlight on whichever member of the Chinese zodiac has the seat of honor for the new year. There’s just one problem, though.

See, Japan is extremely fond of cats, but there’s no cat in the Chinese zodiac. Why? Well, folktales tell us that the cat was tricked by the rat into being late for the gathering with the Jade Emperor at which the representative animals were chosen, while historians point out that cats simply weren’t common in China at the time in which the culture’s Zodiac was established.

Nevertheless, YouTuber 10 Cats. (whose two digits’ worth of feline housemates have enchanted us before) didn’t want her pets to be left out, and so she dressed one up as a cute little monkey to celebrate the start of this simian year.

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It’s sometimes said that the clothes make the man, and maybe they make the animal too, as 10 Cats.’s kitty seems to display a newfound affinity for bananas.

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As a matter of fact, the cat even appears to have taken on the stooped posture of a tiny primate

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But all that slouching isn’t 10 Cat.’s beloved pet getting into character. Actually, the kitty doesn’t even have its arms and legs in the costume, which is essentially an oversized collar.

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▼ It’s also apparently comfy enough to sleep in.

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So if you’re fascinated by felines, go ahead and wish your friends a happy Year of the Cat. If they try to correct you, just show them this article, and they’ll be too busy saying “Awwwwww!” to argue.

Source: Byokan Sunday
Images: YouTube/10 Cats.