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Pay attention, guys. A bad pun might save your relationship some day.

This video posted to the Weibo Video YouTube channel shows what appears to be a young couple fighting in a Hangzhou mall. The bystander recording the incident probably thought he was going to get a bit of schadenfreude-filled drama, but instead he got comedy gold.

At one point, the young woman screams at the man, “Gǔn (滚)!” This apparently has two meanings in Chinese. One, which she no doubt had in mind, is to disappear, vanish or die. The other is to roll over or tumble.

Can you guess which the young man did?

Yup, he rolled over like a little puppy. And between that bad pun and the abject humiliation of rolling around on a dirty mall floor, he seems to have softened the heart of his peeved paramour. I mean, there’s hardly any rancor in the kick she aims at him!

Love is strange.

Source: Weibo Video
H/T: Toychan Net