mikuture 2

The Vocaloid star has been secretly hiding in your smart phone, just waiting for the right application to let her loose.

Since 2007, Hatsune Miku has been blurring the boundaries between virtual reality and real life as one of the hottest musical sensations to come out of Japan. This singing and dancing, forever 16-year-old continues to be a formidable sensation that has expanded her pop idol reach to all the corners of the earth, and now she’s even in our smartphones!

With just a quick visit to the appropriate app store, the free Hatsune Miku Picture app called Mikuture brings the turquoise-haired cutie into any photo you take. Never again will you have to be alone as you’re strolling through the city, because she’ll pose however you want.

▼ Welcome to the festival! Can I interest you in some street food?

▼ I have to be worth more than 980 yen (US$8.30).

▼ Are we there yet?

▼ Seriously, are we there yet?

▼ We are!


▼ Are you going to eat all that yourself?

▼ We finished all the curry!

▼ Thanks for taking me to this cool light show.

This app is surprisingly customizable as you are able to change her pose, eyes, and what direction she’s looking in a number of different ways, allowing you to create a new and original picture for almost every shot. Even the different themed versions of her are free to download from inside the app. Get the appropriately dressed Hatsune Miku for your scene including Snow Miku, Sakura Miku, Append Miku, and even special bonus Vocaloids Yukari and vFlower.

▼ Snow Miku

▼ Yukari


▼ vFlower

This app is available on the Google Store and iTunes Store and promises endless hours of fun.

▼ Put her in pictures with your pets.

▼ Or your food…

Plus, now you can make sure that Miku will appear in the pictures you take when you attend the Hatsune Miku world tour!

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Twitter/@kowhey_mikustar