If you need more Miku in your life, just put her inside your computer tower.

Custom-built computers can become works of art when the engineers behind them also have a sense of artistic style. We’ve seen some pretty impressive ones before, but recently one has been getting a lot of attention on Japanese Twitter.

Originally posted by @ippupu_ava, you’ve got to see this one in action to believe it.

“This is a PC side panel. Can you believe it?”

That is one seriously impressive mod! The way it looks like she’s dancing right inside the computer, how in sync it is with the music, and even the little details like the equalizer bars on the left side are amazing.

In fact… are we sure that isn’t just a real Hatsune Miku hologram in there? How does this thing work anyway? To answer that, the creator of the mod, @nissyan_daze (also known as N’s) jumped in to explain:

“We made the LED panel transparent. We used an optical illusion with
the video and inner parts of the PC to make it look like she’s dancing inside.”

He also showed off some other photos and videos of the project leading up to the big reveal.

“The free border is complete!”

“Don’t have to hide it anymore, so here it is!!”

The dancing-Miku PC is currently going on a tour around Japan, stopping off to be showed at the computer store 1’s in Osaka, then Tsukumo in Nagoya. It’s already at PC shop 1’s in Osaka, and here’s what the store tweeted about it:

“The modded side-LED PC that N’s completed at the 2nd self-created Computer
Off is now at 1’s! It’s in the back of 1’s battle stations, so come see it in person!”

Here’s how Japanese Twitter responded to the incredible computer Miku-fication.

“That is the greatest mod I’ve ever seen.”
“Please start selling these!”
“I want one too.”
“You are a computer god. And also a Miku god.”
“I need to have a dancing Miku in my PC too!”

While unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the PC is currently for sale, if you’re like that last netizen and desperately need Hatsune Miku to live inside your computer but don’t have the know-how to pull this off, then no worries. You can always just download a Hatsune Miku that will come to life on your desktop instead.

Source: Twitter/@ippupu_ava via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@ippupu_ava