If you’re a fan of either franchise, these custom-made rings are sure to inspire!

It goes without saying that when tying the knot with the love of your life, there are a lot of important decisions which must be made. Will you have a big wedding? Will you buy a house? Will you have kids, and if so, how many will you have?

Before any of that, though, comes choosing a wedding ring. There is a lot of thought that must go into picking out such a small item, and as it is a symbol of your unity and will be with you throughout the remainder of your lives together, it needs to be special.

We’ve seen a lot of the magic that Takayas has worked before, creating custom, one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding rings for couples, working in aspects of their fandom to represent a part of who they are.


This time around, Takayas received a request to recreate the tiara of bride-to-be Joni’s favorite heroine, Sailor Saturn, in ring form. Instead of creating the band from one solid piece of metal, as the tiara is, Takayas went with a design using two thin metal strips parallel to each other to form the tiara’s shape, crossing in the back to make the ring more comfortable to wear.



After digitally experimenting with different purple-hued stones, Takayas went with moonstone to better accent the simple yet elegant design of the ring.



We’re sure Joni will never tire of seeing this gorgeous ring on her finger, and the couple’s wedding bands are nothing to be forgotten either, being inspired by Star Wars light sabers from the dark side.


So remember guys, the saying may go “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but sometimes a moonstone is even better!

Source and images: TAKAYAS Custom Jewelry