In the name of the moon, pledge your eternal love to someone special with Usagi’s very own engagement ring from Mamoru

The 25th Anniversary Sailor Moon Project is the gift that just keeps giving, especially when teaming up with Premium Bandai to produce high-quality merchandise for us grown-ups to live out our childhood Sailor Senshi dreams.

Bandai’s latest themed product is one that blurs the line between fantasy and real-life romance, taking the form of the engagement ring that Mamoru (Darien in the English dub) gives to Usagi (Serena) in the anime. We’re not talking about some toy jewelry, either–this is a bona fide ring with a hefty price tag that you can present to your very own moon princess or very, very close cousin…friend.

    ▼ Look carefully and you’ll see that Mamoru to Usagi (“Mamoru and Usagi”) is engraved in the inner band. Let’s get married, Usa [his nickname for Usagi] is also etched in English inside of the ring box.

The ring comes in two versions, both of which feature a dazzlingly pink heart-shaped gem made from synthetic corundum. The less expensive option features a silver band and white topaz, which will set you back 28,080 yen (US$256). But if you truly want to go all out for that special someone, then you might want to consider splurging on the more expensive option which features a platinum band and diamonds for a grand total of 162,000 yen (US$1,475).

▼ The platinum version comes in Japanese ring sizes 7-15 and the silver one in sizes 7, 9, 11, and 13.

Orders are being accepted until July 1 on the Bandai Fashion Collection website (platinum here, silver here) with plans for the rings to be shipped out in September. If you’re looking to host a themed wedding, why not add a ring to the Princess Serenity dress, tiara, and wedding certificate as well?

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