When your proposal includes the line “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this,” you know it’s love!

Custom jeweler and frequent name on our pages Takayas has proved yet again that they are the people to turn to when you don’t want to settle for the ordinary. This time, they share with us a magnificent The Legend of Zelda-inspired Triforce engagement ring, and an equally amazing proposal story, shared by fun-loving couple John and Erin.


Takayas writes about the ring:

“Because Erin’s tastes leaned toward dainty, elegant styles, we used a very thin band for her ring. The original plan was to use two triangle cut moissanites for side stones, but to balance out the large white topaz center stone, Takayas suggested using three smaller triangle moissanites set in a triforce pattern on either side to provide an elegant transition between the band and center stone. This would also subtly incorporate the Zelda theme they had requested without making the video game design elements too obvious.”

The result? Nothing less than stunning! Any Zelda fan would be thrilled to have this on her finger!


Now how could a proposal be any better when you have a ring like this? How about sending your partner on the ultimate Zelda-themed scavenger hunt! Which is exactly what John did for his fiancée Erin. The creative gent spent nearly a year making props and planning out the scavenger hunt, with the help of some really awesome friends.

▼ Making pottery and rupees.


The quest began when a friend dressed as Tetra from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker took Erin out kayaking. After paddling for a while, the two came across John, who was holding a banner that read:


Whether she was ready or not, Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask came out and “kidnapped” John, leaving a ransom note for 50,000 rupees and Erin with no choice but to rescue her beloved. Luckily fairy buddy Navi was there to help her out!


Erin then found herself facing a series of relationship trivia questions which she had to answer—without losing all of her life points—in order to obtain a sword from the fairy arms dealer. Then it was off to the next challenge!

Erin then found herself faced with a couple of pesky Deku Scrubs at a park near where she and John had apparently had their first date together. She had to break open seven clay pots filled with rupees, which she dearly needed for that ransom, all while having flour bombs chucked at her by those nasty little Scrubs.


▼ And by nasty we really mean adorable… Her friends’ kids make the best little Deku Scrubs!


Covered in flour from her previous challenge, Erin was lucky to find the Old Man waiting for her at her and John’s first date spot, and even luckier that he had a Link costume for sale! With a fresh change of clothes she was ready to continue her journey…


…on to the final battle (at her and John’s favorite restaurant), against Skull Kid (her best friend), who was the last one standing between her and the prize!


▼ It’s… It’s a John-in-a-box!


After professing his love, John presented Erin with the ring, advising her, “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” There’s no saying no to that!


Of course, with friends and a partner like that, there really is no going alone!

Source: Takayas Custom Jewelry
Images: Pikore/ #legendofleeder courtesy of Takayas Custom Jewelry