This solid gold diamond ring will certainly have them saying “I do”!

Japanese jewelry shop U-Treasure specializes in pieces featuring characters from popular franchises, including Star Wars, Sanrio, and Evangelion, and they’re far less tacky than you might think. They’re made with real gold and silver and real precious gems, and are intended for “adult fans” who want to wear their favorites in subtle ways. If you’ve got a geeky special someone in your life, U-Treasure’s jewelry will certainly make for an excellent birthday or anniversary gift.

In fact, if you’re preparing to propose, they’ve just come out with a brand new, gorgeous engagement ring featuring the Pokémon Mew that might be perfect for your soul mate. It’s not the first of their Pokémon merchandise, but this beautiful Mew ring might be one of the loveliest.

Featuring a tiny Mew sitting next to the jewel while its long tail loops to the other side, this ring presents a simultaneously cute and elegant motif. The website says the theme of the ring is “To remember the miracle of meeting your special someone, and to have your pure heart and strong feelings continue into eternity.” Awww…

The top view of the ring features a beautiful shape with elegant lines that makes the Pokémon design a little more subtle, while from the front you can see the exquisite detail of the solid gold carving of the cute Pokémon.

The Mew is made of 18 karat pink gold, while the ring itself can be made of either platinum or 18 karat white gold. The price differs depending on the material: 120,000 yen (US$1,096.50) for the platinum or 110,000 yen for the white gold. The diamond is not included in that price, but you can purchase a diamond of your preference starting at 175,200 yen (about $1,600).

You can also get matching Mew tail wedding bands, made of 18 karat pink gold and either 18 karat white gold or platinum. They start at 90,000 yen depending on the material, decoration, and whether they are men’s or women’s bands.

You can purchase these rings at U-Treasure’s Shinjuku Branch or at U-Treasure’s online shop, and until June 26, they’ll be hosting a Pokémon Jewelry Fair, where if you buy one item of Pokémon jewelry, you’ll get a free “Eevee and Friends” jewelry cloth!

The online shop also has gorgeous jewelry for fans of all kinds of anime, manga, video games and movies. Much of their merchandise is customizable as well, including engravings, to add that extra personal touch to it. While shipping to international locations is quite limited, there are still a lot of lovely products that overseas customers can purchase.

If you aren’t quite ready to pop the question yet, though, there are also plenty of other Pokémon jewelry styles that your special someone might like, so don’t despair! They’ll love the elegant beauty and understated fandom in each of U-Treasure’s pieces.

Source: PR Times
Top Image: PR Times
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