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Can you stomach his ab-crushing exercises?

J-rock superstar Gackt is always looking for new ways to keep his body looking ripped for all his fans. To maintain his athletic build, Gackt has to be willing to go the extra mile, putting his body through an extreme regimen to rock the six-pack.

And now you, too, can look as good as Gackt just by replicating his workout…that is, if you can handle the pain (and trust us, there is going to be a lot of pain). However, it might be worth it just to look like this.

Ready to get ripped? All you will need is a seven-kilogram (15-pound) medicine ball and a friend who is willing to throw it at you. Depending on who you hang out with, you might have a long list of friends ready to sign up for that role.

Step 1 – Lie down on the floor. Place a pillow under your back for safety.

Step 2 – Flex your abdominal muscles and brace for impact.

Step 3 – Your “friend” throws the medicine ball at your stomach.

Step 4 – Allow the ball to hit your rock hard muscles.

Step 5 – Using your hands, toss the ball back up to your assailant- – we mean friend.

Step 6 – Repeat for 10 reps.

Step 7 – If you’re strong like Gackt, you’ll be able to do 120 reps a day.

Sounds so simple, right? If you’re still a little confused about how this exercise works, just watch this video of Gackt working out.


Armed with this knowledge, perhaps you too can obtain the abs of a Japanese music icon.

Note: The writers at RocketNews24 have no medical background and cannot be responsible for any celebrity exercises. Please consult a doctor before starting any new workouts.

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