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It’s like you’re playing peekaboo with your lady parts. Needless to say, Japanese people can’t seem to get enough of these undies.

Clothing with kitty cats plastered all over them isn’t exactly a new fashion statement, but exactly where those fuzzy felines appear on garments is garnering one designer a lot of popularity, especially in Japan.

cat pantsu

Liega Zelgalve has a huge line of perfectly placed cat heads from all different breeds adorning some simple boyshort-style underwear. After she debuted these hyper-realistic cat panties on her Etsy store last year, the rest of the Internet jumped upon this slightly awkward underwear trend.

The feline faces on the underpants look so real in fact, that some may think there is a cat popping out from between your legs.

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Retailers such as Rakuten and Amazon Japan are constantly sold out of this popular apparel, so if you’re thinking about purchasing a pair, be sure to place an order as soon as they’re available. You can even try Zelgalve’s Etsy page directly if you just can’t wait.

This might be the first big craze of 2016, so we are off to a great start. We can’t wait to see what else will be a huge hit the rest of the year…as long as it’s not peeking out from under a girl’s skirt.

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Source: CuRAZY
Top Image: Etsy/Lickstarter (1, 2)