From sneezes to panties, it’s not always like some people expect.

A while back, we shared a chuckle with the Japanese Internet over a series of illustrations purporting to show the types of photos that young women are most likely to share on social media. It turns out the insightful artist behind them is a woman who goes by Suremi (@_Smitter2) on Twitter, and she’s back again with a new batch of drawings that aims to pull back the curtain on the daily life of women.

In “The Ideal and Reality of Young Women,” Suremi looks at two different versions of six different scenarios. It’s not clear whether the ideal she’s referring to is the one in the minds of other women or of men, but either way, the gap is both stark and humorous (ideals on the left, realities on the right).

1. Getting out of the bath

Flowing hair and demurely concealing her nakedness with a towel
All of her makeup washed away and brashly showing her physical bounty to the world.

2. Fashion when lounging around at home

Charming twin tails with fluffy pink parka and short shorts
Frumpy sweats and a matronly bun

3. Sneezing

A little squeak like a cute mouse
A trumpeting blast of mucus…just so much mucus

4. Her sleeping face

Hands clasped daintily under her cheek with breath as soft as her pillow
Eyes slightly open and showing their whites, and mouth completely open with snores roaring out

5. When she’s on her period

Keeping the situation under wraps and thinking “My stomach hurts”
Comparing notes with her girlfriends (“It’s taking longer than usual to finish.” “Mine is really thick and bloody this time.” “Oh yeah, mine too!”)

6. Lingerie

Something cute every day
Wearing the same worn-out bras and panties for two or three years (“It’s not like I have anyone special to show them to anyway.”)

Obviously, Suremi drew these with tongue in cheek. Nonetheless, her illustrations are a clever reminder that reality and fantasy don’t always match up exactly, and that it’s best to be understanding when they don’t, and grateful when they do.

Source: Curazy, Twitter/@_Smitter2