The electric energy of Pikachu tastes like puffs of crispy caramel.

Japanese snack manufacturer Tohato will be introducing a new product this spring, with one of the anime world’s most well-known characters bringing its star power into the mix. The “Popcorn and Pikachu Snack” mixes light and fluffy popcorn with crispy, puffed corn pieces, providing two different textures and flavours hopefully making for an exciting new snack experience. The best thing about these, though, is the fact that Pikachu appears in edible form!


You’ll soon be able to devour the Pokémon’s pointy-eared head as crispy pieces of caramel-flavoured puffed corn. Joining him in each pack will be handfuls of butter and soy-sauce-flavoured popcorn to set off Pikachu’s sweetness with a hint of salty flavour. The them extends to the exterior packaging, with five different images of Pikachu hiding out on the rear of each pack, just waiting to be caught by consumers.

The popcorn snack featuring the electric rodent will be available from March 7 at stores around the country for 122 yen each (US$1.08).

Source, Images: Tohato