When life gives you lemons, make lemon tea-flavored popcorn!

Keeping in line with the limited edition fruity flavors of popular snack items, this time we bring you lemon tea-flavored popcorn, from famous Japanese confectionery company Morinaga. Of course, not any plain-old lemon tea will do – this popcorn features the well-known tea brand Gogo no Kocha (Afternoon Tea). The popcorn went on sale nationwide on July 26, and this particular bag was found at 7-Eleven.


Opening the bag, we were greeted by a pleasantly sweet smell. It was fruity, yet not particularly lemony. Pouring the popcorn out, we could better see the fluffy round popcorn pieces coated in their glimmery, sugary goodness.


The coating was solid and crisp, much like the coating of caramel corn, yet the color was a soft yellow. The popcorn gave a nice crunch and yielded a pleasant sugary sweetness, followed by a slight lemon flavor. Once the sweetness melted away, it was followed by a slight corn aftertaste, not unlike a fruity, sweetened kids cereal (think Froot Loops, if you’re familiar). There really wasn’t any tea flavor that we could detect, but it was still tasty all the same!


If you’re a fan of caramel corn, you will likely also enjoy Morinaga’s lemon tea popcorn, which is similar in taste and texture, just with a hint of fruitiness. We will be sad when this flavor’s time comes to an end!

Source: Morinaga official site 
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