These cute, playful kitties have won the Japanese internet over, and are sure to melt your heart, too.

Kids are usually eager to dine out at fast food joints like McDonald’s, not only for the cool toys that come with special sets or Happy Meals, but the chance to go all out on the slides, towers—and my personal favorite as a child—the ball pit.

It turns out though, that cats love ’em just as much as human kids do, and this video of Osamu and his kitten pals from the hugely popular YouTube channel 10 Cats proves it!

▼ What’s this thing do?


▼ Here I go!


Time for a time out… Or rather, a cat nap!


So far the video racked up more than 850,000 views, and now kitties all over the world, like Boomer from Catmantoo are getting in on the fun, much to the delight of Japanese netizens.

Adorable, right? Not to mention it looks simple to recreate, too! If you’ve got a cat and an inflatable pool at home, you’re halfway there to providing hours of entertainment for you and your cat. Just do us a favor and upload a video for us feline fanatics here at RocketNews24, will you?

Have a great weekend!

Source: YouTube/10 Cats, YouTube/Catmantoo via Grape
Feature/insert images: YouTube/10 Cats