Because you might as well make the most of it if you’re stuck in the Cone of Shame, right?

We’ve all seen the videos of cats contentedly lapping water from faucets, but have you ever seen a cat making clever use of an unpleasant situation to get even more water?

Japanese net users were tremendously tickled recently when the following video of a three-year-old Swedish kitty named Mine, stuck in the dreaded cone of shame, popped up online:

Mine seems completely confident in her idea to use the cone to collect water, and isn’t the least bit fazed to get a little bit wet in the process!

Net users soon began digging up similar clips, such as this one from 2013:

Others shared their photos of cats wearing Elizabethan collars while contributing to the cutting-edge world of a fashion at the same time:

▼ A new fashionable take on the cone of shame…?

▼ Aha, so you’re the one who ate the last instant noodles!

The next time your own precious Fluffy has to wear a cone, show him the videos above and see if he learns a trick or two!

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: YouTube/Edward Wahnstrom