With the fierce competition in the 100-yen market, it is no wonder that discount chain stores in Japan are leveling up their game with more variety and more attractive products, all for the same cheap price of 100 yen (under US$1). That said, we were still pleasantly surprised when we came across this amazing list of all the accessories you can get for your smartphone for just 100 yen each – even things Apple officially retails at nearly 20 times the price!

For starters, you need chargers for your phone. Of course our beloved 100-yen shops would carry an abundance of these.


On top of the regular type, some stores even carry phone chargers for cars!

And then you want to display your phone. There is an amazingly immense collection of smartphone stands available at 100-yen shops just for that purpose. Who would’ve thought so much art could go into propping up phones?


▼ Here’s a funky one!

▼ You can’t go wrong with adorable colored plastic elephants!

However, it doesn’t end here! On top of the basics, the 100-yen shops in Japan are out to win over your hearts with more awesome smartphone accessories such as these:

▼ Gloves that work with smarphones (and they are cute too!)

▼ Who wouldn’t need this pink glittery mini stylus?

▼ And these amazing Alice in Wonderland themed phone cases.


▼ Super convenient bags for waterproofing should you decide to take your phone to the onsen

▼ The ingenious combination of a charger and a holder!

Looks like it’s time for a trip to a 100-yen shop to stock up on all these things that I probably don’t need, but just really got to have because…100 yen.

Source: Naver Matome
Image: Pingram