Pikachu, Kirby, Slime and Miffy served up as delicious dumpling delights【Pics, Video】

Popular characters made edible by one talented Japanese netizen.

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We eat the gyoza dumpling-flavored Pizza Sand from Family Mart, savor its identity crisis【Taste Test】

So what does a gyoza dumpling-flavored pizza sandwich taste like? Time to find out.

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Croissant gyoza: Pie-like dumplings take Japan by storm

This gyoza with a flaky croissant crust is so sought after it took a year for our order to arrive.

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How to perfectly heat steamed buns in the microwave【Cooking Hack】

Simple trick will give you light, supple, restaurant-quality buns every time!  

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New unstaffed gyoza store in Tokyo sells pot stickers 24 hours a day

We go on a post-midnight gyoza run to a shop with no staff — all part of our new normal in Japan.

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Making gyoza is a literal snap with this awesome Japanese kitchen gadget

A cheap and easy way to make one of Japan’s favorite inexpensive comfort foods.

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San Francisco’s Dumpling Time arrives in Japan, opens in downtown Tokyo

Mr Sato meets the King-Dum Xiaolongbao.

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Adorable, edible dog buttholes are part of this new take on traditional Japanese sweets

The Shiba Inu once again shows up where we’d least expect it, makes us smile.

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Edible origami! Japanese cooks use paper-folding technique to make beautiful, delicious snacks

Japan’s traditional art of paper-folding turns out to be useful in the kitchen too.

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Gold leaf-covered giant gyoza dumpling now on sale to bring you a bit of luck!

This glittering culinary creation is designed to bring luck to purchasers of Japan’s Dream Jumbo Lottery tickets!

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Kitty Yum Cha: New cat dumplings from Felissimo come complete with steam-at-home instructions

Could you eat a pointy-eared steamed cat

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100-yen gyoza gadget helps you make delicious dumplings in the blink of an eye

Fulfill your craving for gyoza dumplings anytime, anywhere with this popular device from Japanese 100 yen store chain Daiso.

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Super Mega Important Debate: Fried gyoza or boiled gyoza? 【Poll Closed】

They may have come from China originally, but Japan has made gyouza – those little parcels of deliciousness that go perfectly with a cold beer – their own just as much as they did ramen. Tasty and moreish whether made fresh at home or bought in bulk at the supermarket, gyouza are one of the simpler foods you’re likely to encounter on a trip to Japan, but one that you’d be a fool to miss out on.

But while we may all agree that these things are delicious, one issue divides us on the gyouza front: namely, are they better 焼き yaki (fried on one side before being steamed in the pan), or 水 sui (gently boiled and often served with, or sometimes even containing, tasty soup)? Some argue that sui is the purer, not to mention healthier, form of gyouza, but others will tell you that yaki is infinitely better.

Let’s find out what you good people have to say on the matter!

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Apparently, selling foodstuffs is the sexiest occupation around, judging by the many recent discoveries of incredibly hot people peddling edibles. First, we had the KFC hottie, followed by the Pork Princess. And now, there’s another attractive food seller in Pingtung, Taiwan whose beauty is bringing all the boys to her stall, but it seems that not everyone is happy about her particular brand of marketing her wares.

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Can’t Be Bothered with Halloween Decorations? Celebrate with These Cute Mini Pumpkin Dumplings!

We’ve already shared with you recently on our site the tasty ice cream treats in Halloween flavors available this month from Baskin Robins Japan. Not to be outdone by the ice cream chain in getting into the Halloween spirit, one of our reporters at Pouch decided to make her own special Halloween sweets – an excellent idea if you want to celebrate Halloween without the hassle of putting up and taking down decorations, and also storing the ornaments, which can take up valuable space.

Our reporter shares with you below how you can make adorable, bite-sized Jack O’ Lantern dumpling cakes using actual pumpkins. Not only are they cute to look at, they’re super easy to make, requiring the use of only a microwave and simple toaster oven. Read More

One Man’s Junk Food is Another Monsieur’s Gourmet

There’s this new potsticker (aka gyza, aka dumpling) restaurant that opened in Paris, that people are actually lining up to get into. We wondered what all the fuss was about, so we went there to check it out ourselves. Read More