Mr. Sato is ready to workout in style! Meanwhile, another one of our writers goes running in jeans.

Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo has successfully branched out overseas, and is most known for the simple style and affordability of their clothing. Just recently, the brand has opened up a new concept store in Shinjuku called Uniqlo Move, dedicated to sports and active wear, as the store name suggests.

It is all perfect timing for our writer Mr. Sato, who has been aiming to start a more healthy and active lifestyle, and has been wanting to get some new workout clothes to help get him started. The most important point for him was that the clothes had to be light and easy to move around in. Of course, something stylish would be a plus too. And so he headed off to the new Uniqlo Move shop and asked a staff member to help him coordinate a new exercise outfit, and brought the following items back to the office to try on.

AIRism support tights – 1,290 yen (US$11.62)

Uniqlo’s AIRism collection uses breathable, quick-drying fabric to help keep you cool and dry during rigorous workouts.

Dry EX crew neck T-shirt – 990 yen

The Dry EX line is designed to quickly absorb and dry sweat, to help keep you feeling comfortable.

Dry EX shorts – 1,990 yen

Pocketable print parka – 2,990 yen

The lightweight parka packs down into an easy-to-carry pouch for when you’re not wearing it.

Mr. Sato’s new outfit comes to a grand total of 7,260 yen, which isn’t a bad deal at all. But how does it look?

Looking pretty stylish, Mr. Sato! You look ready to go for a full marathon. A triathlon! Or maybe you could even become…

…a Uniqlo model!

Perhaps Seiji should follow Mr. Sato’s lead and get himself some workout clothes too. The guy says he’s recently started running too, but has no sportswear to speak of, so he goes out for his four-kilometer (2.5-mile) runs wearing…

…jeans and a sweater. Even a pair of sweats would be so much more comfortable! Get him to a Uniqlo Move, stat!

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