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Not ready to reciprocate for Valentine’s Day yet? We’ve got just the trick to help you out!

Have you heard of White Day before? It’s a holiday that hasn’t caught on in the West yet, but due to how Valentine’s Day works in Japan, it’s quite popular here. In Japan women give chocolate to men on Valentine’s Day, so on White Day, exactly one month later, it’s the men who are expected to give sweets back to the women.

Of course, if you’re a man who received chocolate on Valentine’s Day, you’re probably spending the next month stressing about what to reciprocate with on White Day. What if you give her something she hates? Then she’ll never go out with you!

But that worry ends now. Yahoo! Japan Shopping recently created a website where you can upload a picture of someone and it will tell you what kind of sweets they would like best for White Day.

Here’s the way this incredibly scientific totally 100-percent accurate analyzer works: When you upload the picture, the website does its best to match it with one of 25 faces, each of which represents an “animal” and a “personality.”

Here’s a chart showing all 25 combinations. (Translations are Yahoo! Japan’s, not ours.)

▼ Personalities, across the top (from left to right) are selfie, frugal, aggressive, geeky, and sloppy.
Animals (from top to bottom) are cat, rabbit, frog, raccoon, and fox.

white day analyze 09

We’ve got a couple questions after looking at these 25 combinations. Like, are those really the best five personalities they could’ve used? Why would they ever call someone a “frog?” And what kind of personality is “selfie” or “sloppy” anyway?!

But that’s beside the point. All that matters is does it work?

To test it out, we tried it with a female volunteer who we’ll call A-chan. She’s a spunky woman who doesn’t care for typical chocolate or cake and prefers something with a bit more of a crunch.

▼ Here’s the photo of A-chan that we fed into the website. And the result is….

white day analyze 03©RocketNews24

▼ Her recommendation: rusk. Hey, that’s actually a good idea! A hard, crunchy biscuit with a sweet, non-chocolate coating would be perfect. And as for that “raccoonly aggressive” thing, yeah, that’s pretty spot-on too.

white day analyze 02

▼ And what if I was lucky enough to have to give Hestia a White Day gift?
(Anime pictures don’t seem to work, but this cosplayer will do nicely.)

▼ Her recommendation: marshmallows! Yep, that seems… appropriate. And the “catly selfie” designation makes sense too, given that this is a cosplayer who loves taking pictures. This thing is surprisingly accurate….

white day analyze 06

▼ Now I’m curious… what would I get my Chopper-loving blurry self for White Day?

white day analyze 04©RocketNews24

▼ The recommendation: cookies! Oh. Yes. Not so sure about the “foxly selfie” part, but cookies. Yes please. Someone. Anyone….

white day analyze 01

▼ And just for fun… what if your sweetheart is Donald Trump?

white day analyze 08Wikipedia

▼ His recommendation: yokan (thick jellied slices of sweet red bean paste). Hey, I think a little sampling of other countries’ sweets would do the guy some good. As for the “catly frugal” part, well, we’ll let you decide how accurate that is!

white day analyze 07

And hey, how convenient! You can buy all the suggested sweets right there at Yahoo! Japan Shopping with just one click. That’s kind of funny, it’s almost like they’re trying to use this to sell things just in time for White Day.

So for everyone out there celebrating White Day, no more worries! You can find out what to buy without having to resort to spy tactics. And if you’re not celebrating White Day, well, then maybe you can surprise your significant other with something new for them to try that they’re sure to like.

Source: Yahoo! Japan Shopping via AOL News Japan
Images: Yahoo! Japan Shopping