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Readers of our site may be aware that a fair number of our articles involve collaborative items featuring cute mascot characters, including the lovable rabbit, My Melody. Well, here’s another gem of a character product that we think will make many of you squeal with delight!

Now, while My Melody may not be involved in as nearly as many business ventures as fellow Sanrio character and cat-of-all-trades, Hello Kitty, you have to admit she’s done quite well for herself since her creation in 1975. This time, especially for Valentine’s Day, she’s turned herself into something that’s sweet and melts in your mouth — and it’s not ice cream!

Yes, My Melody has teamed up with popular Japanese confectioner Goncharoff  to come up with some special Valentine’s chocolate gifts, and they look absolutely amazing! In Japan, it’s customary for women to give men gifts of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, either as expressions of love or appreciation, but with chocolates like these, you may be tempted to keep the entire package for yourself instead of giving it away.

As you can see from the pictures, there are chocolates in the shape of My Melody as well as those with intricate colorful images printed on the surface.

▼There are several different gift packages, including a nine-piece set priced at 945 yen (US$9) …
My Melody choc 2Photo: Twitter@Melody_Mariland 

▼ … and even one that comes in an illustrated metal container that can also be used as a pencil-case (735 yen [$7])!
My Melody choc 3 pencasePhoto: Hanshin online shop 

Not surprisingly, these irresistibly cute chocolates have proven to be extremely popular, and although it hasn’t been very long since they went on sale, they now unfortunately seem to be sold out online. But sold out or not, the chocolates looked so exquisite, we just had to share the pictures with you!

Oh, and for all of you chocolate lovers out there, with Japan set to go on a chocolate frenzy leading up to Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance we’ll have a few more chocolate-related stories to bring to you in the near future, so stay tuned!

Original Article by: Usagi Yumeno 
Source: Goncharoff, Daimaru Matsuzakaya online shop 
Top Image: Daimaru Matsuzakaya online shop 
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