At least he has the chocolate for stress eating after this ordeal.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone for another year. Now that the ladies have either emptied their wallets on sweet treats or put in some elbow grease whipping up homemade chocolate for the men, they now get to sit back and wait to reap the returns of their labors on White Day (March 14).

Speaking of returns, we’re very curious to find out what Japanese Twitter user @rr250r_smr will reciprocate with, thanks to whoever gave him a decidedly strange box of chocolates which landed him in a pickle at the airport. We’ll let him take it away here:

“I made it home so now I’d like to share a bit about the trouble I experienced today. The security check at Itami Airport [aka Osaka International Airport] revealed hand tools so they emptied out all of the contents of my carry-on bag to do a second check…of course I had no idea what was going on, and I didn’t argue with them. After inspecting all of the items, they broke the seal on the final present I had received which turned out to be tool-shaped chocolate. People of the world, please take note.”

Poor guy–it sounds like there was no way for him to have known what his chocolate looked like since he hadn’t yet opened the box himself. While we’re sure he had a few heart-pounding moments when airport security singled out his bag, hopefully everyone got a laugh out of it when they realized that the tool set was, in fact, edible.

A few days later he followed the ordeal up with two more posts:

“I’m finally going to eat the chocolate that became an issue.”

“It’s definitely chocolate!”

It remains to be seen what the logic behind the tool-shaped chocolate was in the first place (maybe he’s an ace at DIY home projects?), but it’s one gift that he certainly won’t forget anytime soon.

Next time, for something a little more traditional but still as unique, might we suggest going to the airport with these boozy samurai warlord chocolates? They’re not shaped like swords and shouldn’t set off the security alarm.

Source: Twitter/@rr250r_smr via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@rr250r_smr