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Only one demographic in survey is happy about Japan’s workplace obligation Valentine’s chocolate

And no, it’s not old men.

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Free Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Valentine’s cards available online from Square Enix【Photos】

Forget Cupid. This year let Chocobo and Slime deliver your message of love.

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Japanese vending machines now sell pearl jewellery

But are they good enough to pass as a White Day gift?

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Our lovestruck reporter tries to make a batch of cookies for his girlfriend for Japan’s White Day

After getting love-dovey Valentine’s Day chocolate for the first time in his life, Seiji steps into the SoraKitchen to make cookies that require no butter or liquid.

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Barely half of Japanese men in survey will give thank-you gift to women for Valentine’s chocolate

Richer men in study found to spend less per-gift than their poorer counterparts.

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VR videos of adult film actresses provide dirty thoughts to be turned into clean energy.

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Plane passenger almost gets busted for unusually-shaped chocolate in carry-on luggage

At least he has the chocolate for stress eating after this ordeal.

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Survey suggests Tokyo women expect men to spend big on Valentine’s Day return gifts

Participants say that even if a guy were to spend three times as much on a thank-you present, it still wouldn’t be enough.

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White cats take over Japanese Twitter in White Day celebration 【Photos】

White Day is mainly about giving thank you presents to the people who gave you Valentine’s Day chocolate, but now it’s also about sharing snapshots of adorable felines.

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Yahoo! Japan analyzes your sweetie’s photo to find out what sweets to get them on White Day

Not ready to reciprocate for Valentine’s Day yet? We’ve got just the trick to help you out!

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“Whiteday” – A Korean virtual reality horror game that’s sure to get your heart racing【Video】

White Day, observed on March 14, is celebrated in Korea the same way it’s celebrated in Japan: by men confessing their love or returning the affections of the women who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

But what happens when your plans to leave the girl of your dreams a sweet surprise get you locked inside your school and running for your life, chased by possessed janitors and other ghastly haunts? You get the horror game Whiteday: A Labyrinth Named School, which is getting a re-make and will be released later this month.

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Don’t know whether to buy diamonds or candy for White Day? Sweet Jewels could be just the trick!

On White Day, an unabashedly commercial holiday on March 14, Japanese men are expected to buy presents in return for the chocolate they received on equally commercial holiday Valentine’s Day. And with a recent survey showing that limited-edition desserts and sweets are top of women’s wish-lists for White Day, this new offering from confectioner Ameya Eitaro could tick all the boxes.

With designs based on real diamond cuts such as the Koh-i-Noor and the Pasha of Egypt, these are one sweet treat that certainly looks expensive.

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What do Japanese women want for White Day and how much do they hope a guy spends?

With the exception of the girls at a few high schools with especially generous male student bodies, women don’t usually receive presents for Valentine’s Day in Japan. Instead, it’s the guys who get gifts, returning the favor one month later on March 14, White Day.

But while guys’ Valentine’s Day aspirations are pretty standardized (just about everyone wants homemade chocolate), the options are a little more flexible for White Day. A recent survey asked Japanese women just what they hope to receive, and how much they envision guys spending.

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We try making dried flowers using a special, fast technique and get unexpectedly good results

Guys, are you scrambling to find a romantic White Day gift by March 14? If you want something a bit more classy to go along with your donuts or gummy udon, then maybe you should try this easy, do-it-yourself gift idea (and you’ll even get bonus points since it’s homemade!). Our sister site Pouch ran an article yesterday about how to make your very own dried flower bouquet in a matter of minutes. It’s a perfect present to surprise your friend with on a birthday or special occasion, too. Of course, the best part is that the flowers won’t fade away, so you can enjoy them and the memory for a long time. Plus, you’ll be shocked at just how easy it is!

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Krispy Kreme Japan to release special White Day Box just for the ladies

Just as people in Japan have finally recovered from the horror that is Valentine’s Day, with chocolate given purely out of obligation and sweets with an added “personal” ingredient, here comes White Day to stress everyone out again. And as the custom goes, all men who received chocolate from a lady in February must give even more chocolate or other gifts come March 14th.

Luckily, Krispy Kreme Japan seems to be a fountain of White Day gift ideas, starting off with their handy guide to turning a doughnut into a beautiful piece of edible jewelry. The company has also unveiled a limited edition “White Day Box” that comes with two doughnuts. Krispy Kreme has even chosen the most popular flavors amongst women, so even if you don’t know the intended recipient, your gift will most likely be a hit…and come on, who doesn’t like sweet circles of fried dough?

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This White Day, tell her how you truly feel… tell her with donuts

With Valentine’s Day over and done with, White Day (14 March) is just around the corner. This is the day in Japan where men are obliged to return the gifts of Valentine’s Day chocolates to the women who gifted them, or else send a clear message that the feeling isn’t mutual by not bothering.

However, many guys have trouble choosing the right gifts for women, so Krispy Kreme Japan is holding a special workshop to teach an exclusive group of guys how to make romantic gifts out of their donuts.

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Gummy Me! The Perfect Gift for White Day

With 3-D printers and scanners becoming ever more affordable, it’s great to see creatives turning their previously unrealised ideas into reality. Not wanting to be outdone by the face-shaped Valentine’s Day chocolates doled out by Japan’s ladies this Valentine’s Day, the clever people at coffee house and creative workshop FabCafe in Tokyo have come up with the perfect gift for men to give this White Day: personalized gummy men.

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Tokyo Store Launches Concierge Service to Help Clueless Men Shopping for their Girlfriends

With White Day little over a week away, thousands of men in Japan are currently feeling the heat. Having received gifts from their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, it’s now time to return the favour by buying their sweetheart something that simultaneously says “thank you” while acting as a token of their affections.

But when most men think of the words “great gift”, they often envisage things like video games or iPad-controlled helicopters, and the chances of such items going down well with their wives or girlfriends are slim to none.

Thankfully, help is at hand! Available at Tokyo’s Tokyu Hands department store, the White Day Concierge service is designed to help male shoppers on the hunt for a romantic gift find something that their other half may actually like, rather than just a female Tenga toy with a ribbon tied around it and the promise of a shoulder rub.

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