Donut resist the urge to seduce your special someone with these delectable treats.

Mister Donut is a cult favorite among sweet tooths with its Pokémon collabs and matcha extravaganzas. Starting from January 8, the popular chain will be releasing new pastries in collaboration with esteemed Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini ahead of Valentine’s Day.

▼ A new commercial was also filmed to celebrate the collaboration.

While it’s a little early to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mister Donut and Pierre Marcolini present six novel donuts for all to enjoy, whether you’re taken or not. Made with chocolate fondant, four of the new pastries are cast in a cookie-like shape. These specific four donuts include cream fillings and the following flavors: chocolate, caramel, framboise, and hazelnut. Elegant and with a balanced texture, these donuts make a perfect treat for yourself or the love of your life.

The other two donuts that will be available for purchase are these Danish chocolate-inspired donuts sculpted into hearts. With a cream filling sandwiched between what appears to be two pieces of chocolate fondant, the simple but adorable design of these pastries will entrance palates and capture hearts. Folks can choose between a framboise or a chocolate filling for these two donuts.

▼ If you’re not a fan of overly sweet things, the good news is that due to the liberal use of cocoa, the pastries may actually be more on the bitter side, perfect as a complement to sweetened coffee or milk tea.

Mister Donut stores will be selling these donuts until mid-March and each donut is 200 yen apiece (US$ 1.93). And for our friends who prefer the more savory pastries, maybe one day Mister Donut will bring back the filling goodness of cheese as well as mentaiko donuts.

Images: Mister Donut, PR Times
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