Calpis factory tour in Japan is an experience to remember【Photos】

Tour, tasting, and super rare souvenirs make this a must-visit spot for fans of the iconic drink. 

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Apparently Calpis is good in soup? We try mixing it in with hot pot【SoraKitchen】

Is the popular milky soft drink too sweet for cooking, or the perfect addition? We find out!

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Hey, does this Calpis taste funny? Taste-testing the new Calpis Water【Taste test】

Japan’s favorite yogurt-based soft drink gets a new recipe.

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New Calpis Water bottle design can only be fully seen after you drink the contents

Keep refreshed and get a glimpse of Japanese high school life with these charming bottle designs.

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Free Calpis fresh out of the tap available across Japan in celebration of 100th anniversary

For maximum enjoyment we recommend reading the following article out loud.

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McDonald’s Japan offering Calpis shakes this summer with new-and-improved recipe

Yogurt-like beverages combine McDonald’s shake know-how with one of Japan’s favorite summertime flavors.

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Japan’s Calpis beverage can leave a gross residue in some people’s mouths, and here’s why

It’s the name that turns many English-speakers off, but even people in Japan sometimes take issue the way Calpis can linger in your mouth.

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Asahi Brewery asks: Why not mix beer and Calpis? So we do…

Everyone say it out loud now: Calpisbeer!

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McDonald’s now has a Calpis McShake on the menu in Japan

One of Japan’s most distinctive flavours is blended into a McDonald’s milkshake for a limited time.

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Give yourself acid flashbacks with this bewildering new commercial for a Japanese soft drink

Some things you just can’t unsee.

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Calpis releasing refreshing new cola float flavor just for summer

Calpis is a Japanese soft drink that has been around for almost 100 years. Despite how well-loved it is not only in Japan, but all over South East Asia, most foreigners are only familiar with its name, which sounds like “cow piss”, rather than its actual taste (which is why it’s renamed “Calpico” in the U.S.).

But as you can probably tell by its popularity, Calpis doesn’t taste anything like what it sounds like, and for summer the brand has introduced a limited line of thirst-quenching flavors to help you beat the heat. Ajiwai Cola Float, the second flavor of their limited ajiwai” series, will be hitting shelves from the end of this month, and we’ve got the scoop on what the final product will look like once it does.

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Four ways to enjoy delicious strawberry Calpis (other than giggling at its name)

With its startling name, it’s taking time for the yogurt-like beverage Calpis to catch on with non-Japanese consumers, who sometimes know it better by its alternate name, Calpico. For people in Japan, though, Calpis is old hat, so much so that its makers occasionally feel the need to mix up the product line with new versions and special flavors.

This year, that means strawberry Calpis. We just got our hands on a bottle, and if you can get past any hang-ups about the name, here are four ways to enjoy this delicious limited time treat.

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Beautiful snow-white doughnuts from Mister Donuts Japan — can you guess what flavors they are?

What’s white and sweet and makes you feel happy all over? Well, Mister Donut Japan’s new line of doughnuts that has just been released this week certainly fits that description! While Krispy Kreme Japan may have added a little zing to their doughnuts by combining them with ice cream, Mister Donut has come out with a new series of white doughnuts created in collaboration with Calpis — known as Calpico in some countries, perhaps due to its unfortunate pronunciation — the popular yogurty-tasting white drink loved by people of all ages in Japan.

So, let’s see what delectable milky-white treats Mister Donut has in store for us this summer!

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Japanese drink maker investigates the effectiveness of tying your wishes to bamboo

On 7 July, Tanabata kicks off in many parts of Japan. It’s an annual festival season which celebrates the stars Orihime and Hikoboshi, two lovers who are separated by the Milky Way except for this brief moment on the seventh day of the seventh month.

A popular custom during this time for young and old is to write down a wish on a strip of paper and hang it from a bamboo plant. However, as the years go by it seems that fewer and fewer people are going out to make wishes. This is why Calpis Co. Ltd. has decided to spark up interest in bamboo wishes by launching a study of their effectiveness.

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