The rule was simple: draw a finger pointing to “yes” or “no.” The response was an endless stream of funny and clever ways to respond.

It all started with a tweet by Twitter user Toshihiro Anzai who posted an image of an RSVP presumably for a wedding. On the paper is the outline of a fist and two options at the top to either attend (left) or be absent (right).

Potential guests were to draw in a finger pointing at their intentions, but as Anzai noticed, the fist was skewed a little too much to the left, making it hard for people to point to “absent.”

“It seems difficult not to attend.”

Little did Anzai know that this request would send ripples across the Japanese twitterverse and bring in scores of clever ways to circumvent the RSVP issuer’s trickery.

Sting once said there are 50 ways to leave your lover. Well, here are 50 (give or take) ways to leave other lovers alone on their special day. Enjoy…

As with most situations, magic was a highly recommended way out of the predicament by blasting “attend” with a finger beam.

But not so fast…just as the laser struck “attend,” it suddenly slid to the right side and survived.

Only for a moment though! The pinky beam took care of it for good.

Oh no…

Some took advantage of the original hand’s lack of definition, which many would assume was the back side pointing straight ahead. However, a few creative strokes of the pencil will solve that!

▼ “I can’t see it!”

Many others didn’t see a hand at all and used the base image as a head of the refusing party.


Some took this concept further and employed various characters from manga, anime, video games, and even convenience stores to help out.

▼ That pink thing is one of 7-Eleven’s Valentine’s Day Chocoman snacks.

Then there were those who just said, “To hell with it.” and engaged in some leisure activities instead.

However, when the games and nose picking ended the question still lingered. This caused many to react in anger.

And of course, there were many middle fingers bandied about. Although not nearly as notorious in western countries, flipping the bird has been rapidly catching on among younger Japanese people in recent years.

Bold respondents flipped the script on the event holders and created challenges of their own.

This one has two replies, one of which is an amidakuji (ghost leg) game and the other a QR code.

This one instructs the receiver to cut along the bottom line and then fold along the vertical lines to get the answer.

Then there were those who decided to disregard all laws of nature, physics, and logic.

The meme got so big that even Starscream from Transformers joined in.

▼ “Which one should be the Decepticon Leader?”
[Starscream (left), Megatron (right)]

“Not so fast Starscream… You are the fool!!”
[Bottom line was altered to read “Please, choose which one is the idiot.”]

▼ “Gyah! Lord Megatron!!”

In the end it turned out that it wasn’t really hard to say “no” after all using technology.

▼ Button underneath: “confirm”

Or simple common sense.

With all the rejections we’ve seen today, you might be worried that no one will attend this gathering. Luckily, someone took mercy and pointed to yes…about 12 times over.

I tried to create my own, but since I didn’t feel confident writing in Japanese I decided to use a universal language.

If you have your own creative way to refuse someone’s special day, let us know in the comments below and maybe we’ll post it along with the rest.

Source: Twitter/@ToshihiroANZAI (Japanese)