This huge plush ferret is so gigantic you might have to have someone else hold it up while you hug it.

If you love Pokémon as much as we do, you probably own some merchandise from the series. Maybe it’s a tasteful shirt, some stylish jewelery. Maybe you own some figurines.

Or maybe your Pokémon indulgence is plush.

Extremely large, beautiful plush.

Now, if you’re a fan of a popular critter like Pikachu or Eevee, it’s not that difficult to get your hands on a life-sized replica (even if they sell out immediately). If your fave ‘Mon is a little more niche, though, then you’re often out of luck.

But finally, one Pokémon is being blessed with the spotlight it has been so sorely denied. Say hello to the Raticate of Johto and Sentret’s final form: Furret! Now recreated in a life-size plush toy!

▼ Look at that Weedle face! Awww!

It’s very easy to forget when you’re playing the game that the creatures are scaled down so that they’ll fit on your screen, and so a lot of those cute little monsters are not particularly little in the game’s canon. You might expect Furret to be…well, ferret-sized. Instead it’s a gargantuan serpent of fur and tail, towering over the model they used to promote it.

▼ 180 centimeters (5.9 feet) and 2.6 kilograms (5.7 pounds) of sheer adorable, huggable fluff

The life-sized Furret plush will be sold from the Pokémon Center’s online store – but you’d better mark your calendars. Pre-orders will only be open from three weeks after they start on February 23, and they’ll stop accepting them on March 24. You’ll have to fork over a hefty 30,240 yen (US$273.46) to secure this massive mustelid, and then wait – they aren’t due to slink out to their new homes until July!

Source: Kai-You
Featured image: Twitter/@nuinui_katte