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Trades the tiara for a blazer, and also seems to have acquired a punishing overtime schedule and some passive-aggressive friends.

Out of the five Sailor Senshi that make up the core of the Sailor Moon cast, it’s really the star herself that you have to worry about taking care of herself once she becomes a legal adult. Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus all show enough of a combination of smarts, charisma, and pluck to find gainful employment, but in her daily life as “ordinary schoolgirl” Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon herself is sort of a scatterbrained, lazy whiner.

But on the other hand, Usagi often finds a way to dig deep when it’s time to face a challenge, and in her latest animated appearance, it looks like she eventually does find a white-collar job in a Japanese office.

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Listen carefully, and you’ll hear that Kotono Mitsuishi, the once and future voice of Sailor Moon, has changed the heroine’s signature battle cry ever so slightly, making it “In the name of the moon, I recommend this!” Along with her new dialogue, the character also has some new clothes, as we see Usagi dressed in snappy business attire.

▼ Apparently those flowing tails are still within the company hairstyle regulations.

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So just what is it that Sailor Moon is recommending? The canned Chocola BB Joma, which she says is just the thing for “Pretty Soldiers doing battle in the workplace.” While its name may make it sound like the sort of sweetened beverage that’s right up Usagi’s gluttonous alley, Chocola BB Joma is actually a nutritional supplement/energy drink targeted at women, sort of a feminine counterpart to the tiny bottles of medicinal liquid that salarymen can be seen chugging on their way to work when nursing a hangover.

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Containing Asian ginseng and guarana extracts, as well as Vitamin B6 and the amino acid arginine, Sailor Moon says that the ginger-flavored Chocola BB Joma makes for a refreshing, invigorating lunchtime beverage. She also touts it as a pick-me-up to help power yourself through a tough round of overtime.

Now we suppose that, much as actors may appear as doctors in commercials even though they don’t really practice medicine, it’s possible that Sailor Moon is appearing in these ads as only a celebrity spokesperson. Still, we can’t rule out the chance that she’s speaking from experience, meaning that she transitions directly from being a teen with the fate of the world on her shoulders to a young adult with a job that’s so high-pressure that it’s physically draining. It’s sort of a depressing scenario to imagine, but not quite so much as what we can infer from another one of her Chocola BB Joma pitches…

…in which she shouts:

“More so than at a singles’ party, you can’t let yourself slip up when you’re out with your girlfriends!”

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Seriously, how passive-aggressive must the frenemies Usagi’s made since starting her new job be that she can’t let her guard down around them? Hopefully she’s still got the phone numbers of the rest of the Inner Senshi, because it sounds like she could really use a night out with some actual friends.

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