How many favorite voice actors do Japanese high school kids have and who are they?

Survey sheds light on who the most popular voices in anime are among boys and girls these days.

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Anime fans rank the top 10 voice actors who get female fans fired up: Is your fave on the list?

Fans across Japan voted in the Anime Grand Prix 2019 to vindicate their very favorite voice actors. Let’s see who they picked!

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Veteran anime voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi displays hidden artistic talent… yet again!

Perhaps the 52-year-old voice of Inuyasha and Ranma should seriously consider a mid-life career change to manga artist?

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Hot guys on ice! Original figure skating anime Yuri On Ice premieres this October!

Handsome 2-D young men twirling and jumping in body-tight sparkly suits? Of course we’re looking forward to it.

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Start your day with a wake up call from Re:Zero’s Emilia or Rem!

The recently released Re:Zero Alarm smartphone app fulfils your dreams of taking Emilia or Rem to bed.

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Fans share photos of complete pandemonium while waiting to buy Kira Festival 2016 merchandise

This isn’t a scene from the running of the bulls — it’s from the running of the otaku at KiraFes 2016!

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Let hot moon men lead you to the land of nod in new otome drama CDs

Can these hawt anime boys lull you to sleep, or will they keep you up all night?

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Two wildly different characters, same voice actor. Twitter users share their shocking anime finds

Are you an anime fan? Do you watch Japanese anime in their original Japanese dialogue? If your answer is “yes” for both questions, then you’ve probably had the experience of picking up on a familiar-sounding voice in a certain anime, Googling to uncover the seiyuu (voice actor in Japanese) behind the character, and then realizing that you’ve actually seen quite a few titles he or she has starred in.

Twitter users in Japan have been digging through the Internet for some drastically different performances from the same voice actor/actress, and sharing their surprising finds on Twitter. Check them out after the break!

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The voices behind the Ghibli dads: Some weren’t even actors at all

A lot of work goes into making animated films, but what is it that really makes a particular film stand out? Of course the animation itself is important, as is the storyline, but you can’t forget about the voices that give the characters their unique personalities and help bring them to life.

If you’re a fan of anime, you probably have a favorite voice actor or two, be they English-speaking or the original Japanese seiyuu. But how many of you are familiar with the Japanese people behind Hayao Miyazaki’s animated characters? As it turns out, professional voice actors are seldom used in the making of Miyazaki’s films. In fact, some of the voices behind the father characters aren’t even actors at all, with the likes of journalists and copywriters even being used to fill key roles.

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