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From now on, first impressions are useless; just ask to see their hands.

When you meet people for the first time, it would be so much easier if there were some surefire way to figure out if you’re going to get along with them or not. None of this fake pleasantry at the beginning with everyone acting on their best behavior; just a quick and easy label that everyone can read.

As it turns out, this kind of thing actually exists. It’s better known as the “digit ratio theory”, and Japanese TV is happy to share the information with its viewers.

Apparently, just by getting a good look at someone’s hand, you can learn a lot about their personality. According to the show, it is believed that if a person’s ring finger is longer than their index finger, they’re usually quite charming and easy to get along with. There are times when people of this “type” don’t read the air so well and may come across as a little rude, the show purports, but they aren’t usually being malicious. People with hands like these are apparently good people to ask for advice.

▼ A Type — ring finger longer than index finger


Now, if your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you’re generally the type of person who is confident and reliable. You’re better working alone than in a group, but if people do it your way, the results are going to be good. Often people with fingers like this are ambitious and, the TV show tells us, have lofty goals.

▼ B Type — index finger is longer than ring finger


If you’ve been looking at your hands while reading this and have noticed that your index and ring finger are about equal in length, then you fall into the third category. People who have fingers of the same size are usually pacifists who try to avoid any kind of conflict. They have a highly cooperative personality and can get along with any type of person, but if you upset them they can become very unreasonable and hold a grudge for a long time, so make sure you take extra care not to anger someone of this “type”.

▼ C Type — ring finger and pointer finger are the same length


Do you think there’s any truth to this? Does your own personality match up with any of the three “types”? You know where to comment!

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