Korean fashionistas let us know why they choose to wear rings on certain fingers

While we all know a ring worn on the left-hand ring finger is likely to mean you’re married or engaged in most western cultures, there are nine other fingers that also hold some significance. In Korea, online forums have recently been addressing their own meaning of the fingers, and revealing what each one symbolises with a ring on it. Let’s take a look at all the different signs and symbols that can be read from this latest fashion trend as summarized by Mouda, a Japanese website that shares news about hot topics in Korea.


The thumb ring is said to symbolise freedom. Worn by singles and those with a free-spirited attitude, it’s not just a fashionable way to wear your accessories, but also a clever way to send a sign to any potential partners.


A ring on the index finger is said to represent friendship, making it the ideal spot for a friendship ring. If you give a piece of jewellery to a girl you’re interested in and she ends up wearing it on this finger, it might just be a subtle way of telling you that you’re firmly stuck in the friendship zone.


A ring worn on the middle finger is a sign that you’re craving success. Career-driven individuals and those setting out to pass an exam can get some positive vibes by wearing a ring here.


The ring finger is reserved for love. While it’s widely believed to symbolise the connection to the heart, in Korea its significance is said to remain the same no matter which hand you choose to wear it on.


A ring on your right pinky symbolises an “achievement of wishes”, while a ring on your left pinky means “opportunity” and “change”. If you’re looking to say goodbye to a chapter that’s ended in your life, this is a good way to remind yourself to open up to new opportunities and fresh beginnings.


Whether you buy in to the ring placement philosophy or choose to see it as a passing trend, it’s still an interesting guide to understanding the ins and outs of ring-wearing etiquette, and will definitely come in handy for those planning a trip to Korea. Just make sure you wear your rings on the right fingers so you don’t give out any wrong messages!

Source: Mouda
Top Image: Wikimedia Commons/Jeff Belmonte (edited by RocketNews24)
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