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Why choose between two delicious things when you can smash them together instead?

Last month we saw East-meets-West cooking in the form of English breakfast udon. But now we get something that perhaps has a more universal appeal: sushi burgers.

While sushi burgers have been around in some form or another for quite a while, they’ve recently been taking the internet by storm, most likely due to their impactful appearance.

▼ How could you not take a picture of that and post it online?!

Of course, there’s more than one type of sushi burger. But as long as there are rice patties, some sort of meat, and you can hold it with both hands, it passes the sushi burger test.

Here’s some other juicy specimens to feast your eyes on. Maybe you’ll find the inspiration for today’s dinner (or tomorrow’s breakfast?) that you’ve been looking for.

▼ A 100-percent vegan sushi burger made with jackfruit instead of chicken.

▼ A sushi burger whose patty is more “burger” than “sushi.”

▼ For when you want a bit more of a crunch to your sushi burger.

▼ Bite-sized sushi burgers.

▼ Is there any possible way to eat this without making a mess? I hope not!

▼ For those who (for some odd reason) would rather not have their sushi burger dripping all over them.

▼ Why have one when you can have two for twice the deliciousness?

▼ This monster sushi burger looks like it’s already eaten another sushi burger!

▼ And a sushi burger with a party hat!

▼ Watch this short clip to see the final crowning of a sushi burger.

Feeling hungry yet? If the sushi burger isn’t quite up your alley, but you’re still interested in trying something new, may we recommend the ramen burger instead? It doesn’t have the same visual appeal as the sushi burger, but it will certainly leave a lasting impact on your stomach.

Source: Design Taxi, Highsnobiety, FOX News
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