This relaxed bear comes with a very expensive price tag.

With comfortable onesies, life-sized plushies, and even cosy sleeping bags to slip into, Japan’s Rilakkuma is one of the country’s most beloved characters. While it would cost a fortune to buy up all the gorgeous merchandise on offer from the cute relaxed bear, there’s one new release that’s set to be more exclusive and sought after than any other we’ve ever seen. And despite its tiny size, it comes with a very hefty price tag.

▼ Cheer up, Rilakkuma – someone will buy you, even though you do cost a whopping 702,000 yen (US$6,179.80)!


This little charm is called a “netsuke” in Japanese, which is traditionally a miniature carving attached to the end of a cord that can be used to hang off a pouch. The reason this particular netsuke costs so much is the fact that it’s made from roughly 20 grams (0.71 ounces) of pure 24-karat gold. Plus, the character also has a plump, diamond-encrusted belly.


For those with money to burn, the solid gold Rilakkuma is available to order online from San-X until 26 January. Delivery is scheduled for mid-March, when the figurine will be sent out to customers in its own character-branded box for gift-giving and safekeeping, which is a good idea, seeing as this is one expensive charm you wouldn’t want to lose on the side of the street. Although with Japan’s incredible approach to lost-and-found items, there’s a good chance that even an expensive charm like this would make it back to you safely if you were to ever lose it!


While we might not be able to afford a solid-gold Rilakkuma, the good news is there are plenty more affordable and unusual character goods like bite-sized sweets and even fragrant incense available on the market for us to choose from!

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Source, Images: PR Times