The 165-centimetre (5.4-foot) tall bear comes with an equally large price tag.

With a name that’s short for “Relaxed Bear”, San-X’s Rilakkuma is one of the most beloved characters in the country. He’s been featured on sweets and curries, turned into goods like sofas and sleeping bags, and now he’s looking for love as a life-sized plush toy, ready to chill out with a giant body that’s perfect for hugging and napping on.


Measuring 165 centimetres (5.4-feet) in height, 105 centimetres (41.3 inches) in width, and weighing an impressive 8.8 kilograms (19.4 pounds), the giant Rilakkuma is looking to become your most obliging housemate.

▼ He’ll pull up a chair at the dining table without fussing over food…


▼ He’s available for hugs at any time of the night and day…


▼ He’s always ready to lend an ear to listen to your problems…


▼ And he’ll happily let you cry yourself to sleep on his chest!


Orders for the giant toy are currently being taken online from 5 August – 4 September, with nationwide delivery scheduled for mid-November. This is actually the 11th time a life-sized Rilakkuma has appeared on the market, to meet the demand of customers and stores who make appeals for the product every year. Produced in limited numbers, the bear will set you back 66,434 yen (US$652.46), which includes postage within Japan.

If you’re after a stuffed toy that won’t break the budget, there are also a couple of “extra-large” plushies currently available, measuring 100 centimetres (39.4 inches) tall and 66 centimetres (26 inches) wide. On the left is Rilakkuma (20,520 yen) and next to him, on the right, is Korilakkuma (17,280 yen), who’s known as a smaller, child-like white bear.



And to celebrate the 2016 Year of the Monkey, there’s a cosplaying Rilakkuma measuring 87 centimetres (34.3 inches) by 65 centimetres (25.6 inches), which retails for 18,144 yen.




With so many large Rilakkuma plushies to choose from, the only problem will be deciding which one to take home with you!

Source, Images: PR Times