neko atsume 3

If you love the hit mobile game Neko Atsume, then you are going to love the adorable lattes made by this artist.

While a cup of black coffee might conjure up the image of the constantly moving power worker, a nice enjoyable latte is perhaps the exact opposite. People who order lattes at a cafe seem to be the kind of people who move at their own pace, even bringing a book with them to read and enjoy the solitude. Sound like an animal you know? This is why super cute cats and latte art are the purrfect match!

We’ve shown you plenty of 3-D latte art in the past, but thanks to Tokyo Otaku Mode, those of us who can’t get enough of collecting cats on our phone have a new Instagram to follow. Nowtoo is a talented latte artist who’s well-known for using color to bring a whole new dimension to the art of making the top of your coffee too cute to drink. Some of his recent pictures feature the lovable and lazy cats from the mobile game, Neko Atsume, and after staring at them on our screens for so long, we just want to reach out and pet these adorable lattes!

▼ Careful you don’t have foam on your face after you take a sip!

▼ Cute flowers and a cuter kitty!

▼ This one is rising up to greet you.

▼ Better drink fast before this one climbs out of the cup and wanders away.

▼ If only kitties were this happy in a warm bath.

▼ Bonus cat! From Natsume’s Book of Friends

Whether they are popping out of the drinks in 3-D style or gracefully adorning the top of your afternoon latte, we just can’t seem to get enough of Nowtoo or these nekos!

Source: Instagram h/t Tokyo Otaku Mode
Top image: Instagram/nowtoo (1, 2)