Belcorno 3D latte art8

We’ve already brought you the amazing latte art of Japanese barista Yuuichi Ito of Belcorno, an Italian restaurant in Aichi Prefecture, but we’ve never shown you just what he can do with a little extra foam. Mr. Ito could arguably be the greatest 3-D latte artist in all of Japan, if not the world. And we know you’re probably thinking that you’ve seen 3-D latte art before…But you’ve never seen it like this. With pages of photos depicting his creative coffees dating back to 2011, this is one barista who has undeniably attained the latte artist equivalent of knighthood. Take a look at his awesome 3-D creations.

Belcorno 3D latte art11

▼ This one’s a little abstract, but that fluffy white and colored cloud is Santa.Belcorno 3D latte art7

Belcorno 3D latte art10

Belcorno 3D latte art9

Belcorno 3D latte art4

Belcorno 3D latte art5

▼ Nausicaa of the Valley of WindBelcorno 3D latte art6

Belcorno 3D latte art3

Belcorno 3D latte art2

Belcorno 3D latte art

And if you’ve already forgotten how great Mr. Ito’s 2-D latte art is, here are a few of his flat, but no less beautiful, colored coffee creations.

latte art

latte art2

latte art3

latte art4

latte art 7

▼ Just kidding, here’s an actual kitty cappuccino.latte art 5

Images: Facebook (Belcorno)

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