The friendlier the group, the tastier the soup.

There are tons of different types of mushrooms in Japan, so much so that no fewer than half a dozen of them have been transformed into cute anime mushroom girls.

In fact there are so many that sometimes when you go to the Japanese grocery store, it can be hard to choose which ones to bring home and cook.

Thankfully one Japanese Twitter user, a parody account for the “pickled food section” of the Nagoya Marukoshi Apita supermarket dubbed @054758373, recently posted a handy guide for picking out the highest quality mushrooms:

“Eringi mushrooms weren’t available when I was born, so I don’t know how to pick good ones. But I heard on Twitter to pick by ‘how well they get along,’ so I do that.”

Eringi mushrooms are “king trumpet mushrooms,” known for their impressive girth and umami taste that they add to dishes. They’re quite often sold in pairs at Japanese grocery stores, meaning that it’s easy to spot which couples get along the best.

And when you think about it, that kind of criteria for picking them makes a lot of sense. If the mushrooms can’t even get along in the packaging, how can you expect them to get along in your soup?

Taking a look at the above photo, which mushrooms would you say get along the best? Here’s Japanese Twitter’s picks:

▼ The original poster showed that the ones indicated on top are too stiff with each other, while the ones below are more cuddly and intimate.

▼ Someone else put faces on the mushrooms, to show their level of friendliness. Gotta say, that couple in the second-in from the bottom one looks like it holds a lot of promise!

▼ Those two were a popular pick. This user said the mushroom couple’s position reminded them of a drama, with the plain main character girl being held by the angsty/brooding boy.

▼ Although the upper-right couple wasn’t far behind, with this user saying they looked like they were “post-doing-it cuddling.”

▼ Second-row third-in also had some comparisons to adorable forehead presses.

▼ And for some, it was all just too hot and steamy, and they decided to start adding some censor mosaics.

Which mushroom pair do you think “gets along the best” together? And if you’re not really feeling any of these mushrooms, then perhaps the solitary bachelor demon-mushroom would be more up your alley.

Source: Twitter/@054758373 via Togetter
Featured image: Twitter/@BYwTiDeOw83Sdvl
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