With the Japanese national team’s hopes of winning the World Cup championship dashed far too early this year. Japan’s soccer fans were left with mere scraps of enjoyment they once had in the tournament. Luckily though, every World Cup has its ancillary breakout star.

Last time, we saw the mystical talents of Paul the Octopus, and now the world finds itself staring in wonder at the phenomenon Japan has dubbed Adios Ojisan (Adios Guy). For those not familiar, Adios Ojisan was a guy in the audience of the Chile/Spain match (among others) holding up an iPad which read “Adios Spana.”

And so, with Team Japan out of the running, let us enjoy some highlights from the Adios Spana Photoshop Championship currently being held on Twitter!

Doctored images of Adios Ojisan have been coming in fast and furious but we are hard at work to bring you the latest.

Whoops! Forgot to clear his history that time.




And we have a twofer!


One for fans of Bananaman





And of course there are many many more to see jus… oh wait a minute.

Ah, well… we’re going to have to wait till Adios Ojisan gets back from the Genius Bar. Until then you can watch the Adios Spana Photoshop Championship live simply by searching the hashtag #ADIOSSPANAクソコラ選手権 on Twitter or click the link below if you’re too lazy to copy and paste. With that, let us leave you gentle readers with our own contribution to the games.

Adios everyone!

Source: Twitter – #ADIOSSPANAクソコラ選手権 via Netlab (Japanese)