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And yes, it comes in both original and hot and spicy flavors.

Apparently KFC customers weren’t licking their fingers enough, because that’s the only line of reasoning we can think of behind KFC Hong Kong’s latest creation: chicken-flavored nail polish.

▼ So, do we have to put it on our fingernails, or can we eat it
right out of the bottle? I’m, uh, asking for a friend….

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KFC Hong Kong has released a video to advertise their fried chicken nail polish campaign, though if you’re expecting any explanations, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Watch the full video here:

The video really just raises more questions than it answers, but the most important question is a simple one: why? Why would we want to baste our fingers in chicken sauce?

KFC stated that they designed the nail polish to appeal to young people. Considering candy necklaces, bracelets, and rings are already pretty popular with kids, flavored nail polish almost makes sense.

But then you remember that it’s chicken-flavored, not candy. Don’t most people wash their hands precisely to get that off their fingers?

Still, if having your fingernails taste like chicken is something that appeals to you, then get voting! KFC Hong Kong is asking people which flavor – original or hot and spicy – they want to see mass-produced. Don’t be chicken, make your voice heard!

For the rest of us though, we’ll stick to having our fingernails just looking like food, not tasting like it.

Source: YouTube/Kfc Hk, npr
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