A very Asian twist on fried chicken.

KFC walks to the beat of its own drumstick in Japan, where its fried chicken is the meal of choice for Christmas dinner and the Colonel remains a beloved figure that gets dressed up for special occasions.

So it comes as no surprise that the chain aims to please local customers with special menu offerings, but even we weren’t expecting what was announced today — the introduction of Spicy Miso Garlic Chicken.

KFC’s first-ever spicy miso and garlic fried chicken was developed in response to customers’ desire for rich and hearty flavours during the colder months.

Inspired by ​​jjigae, a Korean hotpot dish that many people enjoy in winter to work up a sweat from the spice and heat, KFC paid careful attention to the balance between the spiciness of chilli peppers, the flavour of garlic, and the richness of miso to draw out the taste of the chicken.

▼ “Rich and spicy chicken enveloped in garlic flavour coming soon…”

The chain says it sought to create a spiciness that’s not only hot but flavourful as well, so that both lovers and non-lovers of spice alike can enjoy the taste. The blend of spicy chilli peppers and miso adds a warm kick while the aroma of garlic stimulates the appetite, creating an addictive eating experience, especially when combined with the crunch of the crispy fried chicken coating.

We don’t have to wait too long to find out if the new chicken tastes as good as it sounds, as it’ll be released at KFC branches around Japan from 22 November. Priced at 320 yen (US$2.12) per piece, or as part of a multi-piece set priced from 910 yen, the Spicy Miso Garlic Chicken is only being made in limited quantities, so it’ll only be on the menu while stocks last.

Source, images: PR Times
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