hage 4

No hair? No problem! Especially for this gathering of super-powered follicly-challenged anime men.

There are plenty of tropes in manga and anime, but one that doesn’t get enough love is the strong bald man trope. Think of your favorite series and you’ll probably find a character who would be a good candidate for a Rogaine (hair growth…for men) commercial.

But what they lack in lustrous hair, they surely make up for it with immense strength. Are you picturing such a character now? See if you can spot him in this piece of awesome fan art that throws together some of the best bald (“hage” in Japanese) and balding characters in manga.

▼ No need to be ashamed of baldness when you see all these amazing characters together!

hage 4

While certain characters would probably have some issues with one another, it’s almost magical to think of them all getting together for a Hairless Anonymous support group. You can definitely see @dragongarowLEE’s artistic talents on display as each of the characters match their original art style. Could you find your favorites in there?

Here are a few of ours that might be a bit harder to pick out.

▼ Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop

▼ Dhalsim from Street Fighter

▼ Dr. Wily from Mega Man

▼ Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist

“Bald characters” isn’t the only group fan art @dragongarowLEE has drawn. He’s also done assembled collections of muscular characters, school uniforms, and “older brother” characters.

▼ Macho Man Series

hage 1

▼ School Uniform Series

hage 2

▼ Older Brother Series

hage 3

We really love how well @dragongarowLEE captures the feel of each character in the portraits. If you like his work, check out some of his other stuff that he shares on his Twitter feed. He sometimes even posts 30-second videos of him drawing a character.

Whether you connect with the baldies group or one of the others, we definitely like this idea and hope there’ll be even more group art in the future (all signs point to yes). Might we suggest a kick-ass female character series?

Source, images: Twitter/@dragongarowLEE (1, 2)