Even Godzilla feels lethargic some days!

With a new Godzilla film coming up fast on the horizon, it’s time for the marketing machine to get to work cranking up our excitement for the new movie. That would usually mean dramatic trailers with loud “BAAAAAAAARRR” sound effects and maybe some generic dubstep, but it looks like the people helping hype the new monster movie aren’t really feeling very excited. In fact, based on this new collaboration, we’d say they’re feeling more lazy and lethargic than anything.

That’s because they’ve teamed up with Sanrio to produce merchandise featuring Godzilla and our favorite lazy egg Gudetama!

▼ Godzilla even repurposes one of Gudetama’s catchphrases, saying:
“I’ll give it a proper go in July,” when the movie will be released.


We suppose, though, that the pairing isn’t entirely crazy — after all, Godzilla does seem to spend most of its off-screen time sleeping in the ocean! And we can only imagine all that destruction really takes a lot out of the world’s favorite kaiju, so feeling lazy and unmotivated like Gudetama actually makes a lot of sense!

▼ “STOP IT!” “Shooo!”


▼ “I’m too tired to go around being violent.”


▼ “I want to be alone.”


As you can see, it’s not just Godzilla getting in on the lack of action as other kaiju, like baby Mothra and King Ghidrah, will also appear on merchandise. As for the exact products you’ll be able to buy with these cute-and-lethargic characters, it looks like everything from smartphone cases to T-shirts will be available. You won’t be able to buy any of the products until June, though, so you still have time to save a bit of cash.

But if you’re more interested in classic images than modern retellings, you’ll want to check out these photos of Japan from 1908. There’s a distinct lack of giant monsters, but they’re still beautiful glimpses into the past!

Sources/images: Sanrio, Shin-Godzilla, Twitter/godzilla-jp